college hill providence engagement session - katie + greg

Ok folks. This is my last post from 2014. I’ve got lots of new, amazing couples to show off this year but I couldn’t forget these two lovebirds!

Last November I got to meet Katie + Greg for the first time while they were here visiting Katie’s family for Thanksgiving. Luckily it was a 60 degree day in November (probably the last one of the year) for these southern California dwellers so the timing was perfect to get outside and capture their love. I can’t wait to see them again this June for their Bittersweet Farm wedding!



roger williams botanical center wedding - kate + geoff

Wedding and engagement season is finally here! It’s been a loooong winter and I am so excited to start making new photographs with some really awesome couples! Before we get started on new stuff for 2015 I thought I should probably blog some stuff from last fall. (Jeez what have I been doing this whole winter??) 

sara smile photography_0032.jpg

When I got my first full frame, big girl camera (as I like to call it) back in 2012, the first place I went was the Roger Williams Botanical Center. I took way too many photos of flowers and plants that day just oohing and aaahing at how incredible my new gear was. I also snagged this photo of a butterfly that still hangs in my bathroom today! On that day, the budding photographer that I was thought “man, it would be so great to photograph a wedding here someday.” Well thanks to Kate + Geoff last October I got to do just that! 

Kate had the good fortune of growing up a hop, skip and a jump away from Roger Williams Park so the Botanical Center was an easy choice considering it was practically her own back yard as a kid. The day was full of laughter and love and it was the perfect way to end my busiest wedding season yet. Here are some (ok, a lot) of my favorites from the big day. I hope you enjoy!

sara smile photography_0045.jpg

sara smile photography_0022.jpg

sara smile photography_0023.jpg

sara smile photography_0024.jpg

sara smile photography_0026.jpg

sara smile photography_0028.jpg

sara smile photography_0027.jpg

sara smile photography_0029.jpg

sara smile photography_0030.jpg

sara smile photography_0031.jpg

sara smile photography_0056.jpg

sara smile photography_0033.jpg

sara smile photography_0034.jpg

sara smile photography_0035.jpg

sara smile photography_0038.jpg

sara smile photography_0036.jpg

sara smile photography_0037.jpg

sara smile photography_0039.jpg

sara smile photography_0042.jpg

sara smile photography_0043.jpg

sara smile photography_0040.jpg

sara smile photography_0041.jpg

sara smile photography_0046.jpg

sara smile photography_0047.jpg

sara smile photography_0048.jpg

sara smile photography_0050.jpg

sara smile photography_0052.jpg

sara smile photography_0051.jpg

sara smile photography_0053.jpg

sara smile photography_0054.jpg

Thanks to my assistant Kevin and these awesome vendors for making the day so lovely!

Venue: Roger Williams Botanical Center

Flowers: Cherry Hill Flowers

Caterer: Blackstone Caterers

DJ: Moondance Productions

the nostalgia collection kit - featured heirloom


To put it simply, I do what I do to capture your love story and preserve your memories. The thing that makes my work so satisfying is to know that in 1 year, 10 years, 50 years from now you and future generations will have these photographs to remind you of many happy moments in your life.

When I first heard of H.H. Boogie I knew their products were the perfect heirloom to offer my clients. When I first saw these beautiful hand-crafted boxes I pictured children in awe at their discovery of old photographs and mementos from their grandparent’s wedding day. I thought of the emotions I’ve felt (ok let’s be honest, the tears I’ve cried) while looking at old family photographs. Even though we live in a digital world we can still preserve the feeling of thumbing though printed photographs and being transported to another time. 

My personal favorite memory box is the Nostalgia Collection Kit, shown here in all it’s glory (thanks to Kevin + Claire and their wonderful taste). The box contains 4x6 prints of 100 of your favorite photographs wrapped in fabric and super soft leather, some recycled Lotka stationary for love letters or anything else you can think to write down and it also contains 5 glass vials to preserve mementos from your day; perhaps the sand or grass that you walked down the aisle on, flowers from your bouquet, the perfume you wore, or lace from your wedding gown. There is so much room in there that you can continue preserving pieces of your story together along the way. The possibilities are endless!

If you’d like to have one of your own please contact me at





2014, in retrospect.

I’ve been looking back on 2014, like most people do at this time of year, and I’m feeling very grateful. I have had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing couples, photographers and vendors throughout the year and I want to thank every one of them for their trust and help along the way. 

I thought I’d take the time to share some of my favorite moments and my favorite photographs of the year.

1. I attended Mystic Seminars in January and it totally revolutionized my vision for sara smile photography, I can’t wait to go back next month!

2. I added a wedding assistant to help me take my lighting to the next level..and also to give me someone to talk to. Thank you Kristen + Kevin!

3. I added a second camera to the mix in order to capture more moments.

4. I weilded my cameras at 25 weddings, a perfect number for me!

5. I spent two weeks exploring the Northwest this Summer. I took my first train ride from San Francisco to Portland Oregon and then to Seattle Washington. 

6. I got to see my best friend who lives in California not just once but twice this year!

7. I fell in love with a boy. <3

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0174.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0171.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0172.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0175.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0173.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0176.jpg

sara smile photography meg nick 2014_0177.jpg

beacon hill engagement - meg + nick

 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Meg + Nick in the Beacon Hill are of Boston for some engagment photos. The two actually met at Emmet’s Pub and wanted to commemorate the first time they laid eyes on each other with a some photos there before exploring the amazing scenery that Boston has to offer. I can’t wait to head back to Boston next Summer for their Harvard Club wedding! Enjoy!


Sara is a wedding and portrait photographer with roots in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and California and is available for worldwide travel.