bittersweet farm enchanted forest wedding - chris + katie!

Once upon a time…there was this girl who met this boy and they fell madly in love…

Like most romantics, I believe in fairy tales so I feel very fortunate to have been able to capture Katie and Chris’s enchanted forest wedding at Bittersweet Farm. Between the location, the amazing purple and green flowers, the forest themed decor, the winged flower girls and the infusion of their personalities into every bit of the wedding day I just couldn’t get enough. In addition to all that, what made this day truly special was Katie + Chris’s personal vows that had me crying behind my camera and made it apparent just how perfect they are for each other. Katie + Chris, thank you for trusting me to capture such a magical day! 

 …and lived happily ever after.


















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Big thanks to the amazing team of vendors, my second photographer Jen Araya and my assistant Claire Johnson for being the awesome-est!

Venue: Bittersweet Farm | Floral Design: Heritage Flowers | Wedding Celebrant: Deborah Belaus | Cupcake Tower: Sweet Indulgence | Entertainment: DJ Pete

camp hoffman wedding | lacey + jonas | rhode island wedding photographer

It was a dream come true to photograph Lacey + Jonas’s Camp Hoffman wedding last month. Partially because my own imaginary wedding will be just like this one day but mostly because these two souls and their loved ones from near and far were just amazing to be around. Also, that dress. Lacey + Jonas fell in love while the two were attending Yale in New Haven CT and when Jonas moved back to Sweden Lacey had no choice but to follow. It’s a good thing she did because I’ve never seen more evidence of a perfect match than I have with these two. Seriously, they are almost disgustingly, mushy gushy in love, and it’s freaking fantastic. Lacey + Jonas, thank you for letting me share this day with you! If you’re life together contains just a fraction of the joy I witnessed on that day I know that you will be happy together forever.

xoxo Sara

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camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0026.jpg

camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0049.jpg

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camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0030.jpg

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camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0034.jpg

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camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0048.jpg

camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0037.jpg

camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0047.jpg

camp hoffman wedding-sara smile photography_0038.jpg

Wedding Planner: PDR Events | Hair and Makeup: B Lovely Beauty | Dress: Vera WangVenue: Camp Hoffman | Entertainment: Dave Anthony Music Productions | Caterer: B&M Catering | Bartending: At Your Service Bartending | Officiant: Giselle Crosa | Photography Assistant: Claire Johnson

2015 wedding photography promotion!

Whoa! This deal is crazy and for a limited time so take advantage while the getting is good! I still have some weekends free in 2015 and I am already booking for 2016! I will discontinue this offer by 8/9/15 or whenever my schedule is full. Contact me to see if your date is available! Happy wedding planning!

xo Sara

newport engagement session | kim + cheatra | rhode island wedding photographer

I am so excited to share Kim + Cheatra’s Newport RI engagement session with you all and I’m even more excited to photograph their wedding this Saturday! I feel like I’ve known them forever, probably because Cheatra and I grew up in the same town and both graduated the same year from the same high school (even though we didn’t know eachother then!). Kim and Cheatra sure do clean up nice and they wanted to get a little fancy for the beginning of their shoot, and what is more fancy than the gates at The Breakers Mansion?? If you know me you know how obsessed I am with ivy covered walls so it was so amazing that when we were both on our way to meet eachother we both spotted this gorgeous wall and had the same idea! Since we first met Kim had talked about how she wanted to feature the ocean in their engagement photos so I thought my favorite part of Cliff Walk would be the perfect place to finish our session, and it was! Here are a few of my absolute favorites, I hope you enjoy!

sara smile photography_0291.jpg

sara smile photography_0292.jpg

sara smile photography_0293.jpg

sara smile photography_0294.jpg

sara smile photography_0295.jpg

sara smile photography_0296.jpg

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sara smile photography_0301.jpg

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sara smile photography_0302.jpg

sara smile photography_0299.jpg

bristol ri engagement session - lacey + jonas

I met up with Lacey + Jonas at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI for a fun, champagne infused photo shoot just a few days before their amazing Camp Hoffman wedding (coming soon!). Jonas had just flown in from Sweden and their excitement for being in the same place together again was evident. After he proposed to Lacey, Jonas sabered a bottle of champagne in celebration. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to kick off their wedding weekend but to do the same…so they did! We found some shelter from the crazy ocean winds on an otherwise beautiful spring day and made some of my favorite photos of the year so far. I’ve shared a few favorite photos below and since everything is better with music, I made this slideshow for you to enjoy. 

xo Sara

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