brooksby farm bridal portraits!

Guys! Bridal portraits are a thing! There is a long standing southern tradition which actually originated in Europe from the times before wedding photographers even extisted. In order to commemorate this special time the bride would go to a studio and have a painting or a photograph made of her in her gown and the photo would be prominently displayed in their families homes. Over the years it has evolved away from the seated studio portrait to a more natural photo shoot that not only shows off her beauty but her personality as well. Brides can use this day as a practice run for hair and makeup and to get comfortable in front of the lens before the big day. I also love that we can have a relaxed, fun photo shoot all about the bride without the nerves and time constraints of a wedding day. Plus, why only wear your dress once when you can wear it twice??

I’m so glad that that my bride Kassandra brought that North Carolina tradition up north with her! We got to spend time at Brooksby Farm where she was later married to test drive that beautiful dress of hers! We had a blast exploring the property and Kassi rocked it in front of the camera. We couldn’t have done it without her lovely, helpful and very funny friends who came along to help us wrangle that dress. All in all it was such a great experience and the resulting collection of photographs are way beyond what is able to be captured on a wedding day. I’m anything but traditional when it comes to most things but I think this is one tradition that I’d like to see more of! 

sara smile photography_0482.jpg

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