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I was having a conversation recently with one of my couples about how they wanted to have an unplugged wedding ceremony and I swear I did a little happy dance in my chair at the thought! This has been a big topic of discussion among wedding photographers in recent years and there are countless amazing articles written about the subject as google will attest, but even so I have only been to 2 unplugged weddings! 2! I thought maybe if I throw my 2 cents into the mix that I can help get my couples thinking about if this is right for them or not. 

I won’t get into showing you examples of guests at weddings staring into their phones instead of living in the moment because I’m not trying to make people feel guilty for this! We’ve all done it! However, I will show you an example from Maura + Mike’s unplugged wedding last Summer to show you how wonderful a world without cell phones and cameras can be! Look at all those happy faces, present and taking in the moment with their own eyes! When looking out at your wedding guests during your ceremony would you rather see their lovely faces or their iPad?

If you are sitting there thinking, “yes! this is perfect for us!”, and would like some ideas about how to communicate the idea to your guests please go check out this wonderful article on my favorite wedding blog, Offbeat Bride for some wording ideas. I urge you to have it written on a sign or in the program (or both!) and to also have it re-iterated by the officiant as well for maximum effectiveness. You can find tons of ideas for signs on Pinterest too!

Lastly, the most important part to having an unplugged wedding is to make sure you share, share, share your photo gallery with all your friends and family! Once they see all of those beautiful professional photos and moments captured they’ll be happy to have something a little nicer than that cell phone pic they were going to snap while you were walking down the aisle. 

I hope this has been helpful and I hope to see a lot more unplugged weddings this year! 

xo Sara

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