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To put it simply, I do what I do to capture your love story and preserve your memories. The thing that makes my work so satisfying is to know that in 1 year, 10 years, 50 years from now you and future generations will have these photographs to remind you of many happy moments in your life.

When I first heard of H.H. Boogie I knew their products were the perfect heirloom to offer my clients. When I first saw these beautiful hand-crafted boxes I pictured children in awe at their discovery of old photographs and mementos from their grandparent’s wedding day. I thought of the emotions I’ve felt (ok let’s be honest, the tears I’ve cried) while looking at old family photographs. Even though we live in a digital world we can still preserve the feeling of thumbing though printed photographs and being transported to another time. 

My personal favorite memory box is the Nostalgia Collection Kit, shown here in all it’s glory (thanks to Kevin + Claire and their wonderful taste). The box contains 4x6 prints of 100 of your favorite photographs wrapped in fabric and super soft leather, some recycled Lotka stationary for love letters or anything else you can think to write down and it also contains 5 glass vials to preserve mementos from your day; perhaps the sand or grass that you walked down the aisle on, flowers from your bouquet, the perfume you wore, or lace from your wedding gown. There is so much room in there that you can continue preserving pieces of your story together along the way. The possibilities are endless!

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Sara is a wedding and portrait photographer with roots in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and California and is available for worldwide travel.