fruitlands museum wedding - christina + patrick!

Back in September I got to spend a very special day with 2 of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! Since our first meeting over beers, to their whimsical carnival engagement session, I knew Christina + Patrick were the kind of couple whom I had dreamed of photographing. When a couple has complete trust in you and they are brave enough to be completely real (and completely silly) in front of the camera, magic happens. 

From the moment we arrived at Fruitlands Museum and saw that view I knew it was going to be one for the record books. The whole day left such an impression on me, the highlights of the day started even before work began when my assistant Ryan and I both enjoyed a delicious farm to table burger for lunch in the cafe (anyone who knows me knows that I am at my best with a full stomach). My favorite moments were seeing Christina in her gorgeous dress and flower crown, Patrick’s expression during their first look (and pretty much all day), their gorgeous greenery and florals (designed by Whim Events), anytime Patrick wore his super amazing hat, their ceremony overlooking the Nashua River valley, an epic sunset and an even more epic dance party. 

Even months later I am still grateful for being the one who got to capture it all. Here are my favorites:

sara smile photography_0021.jpg

sara smile photography_0019.jpg

sara smile photography_0020.jpg

sara smile photography_0024.jpg

sara smile photography_0023.jpg

sara smile photography_0027.jpg

sara smile photography_0028.jpg

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sara smile photography_0088.jpg

Venue: Fruitlands Museum | Floral Design: Giovanna Puorto/Whim Events | Hair: Kerry Goyette/Special Event Beauty | Entertainment: Carl Stenzel/White Label DJs | Photography Assistant: Ryan DeVoll

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