bittersweet farm wedding - katie + greg!

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These two. What can I say? Words never seem to be enough. Even from the first email we felt like old friends and as I got to know them I realized just how caring, genuine and super awesome they both are!

To know how special they are I feel that I have to tell you about the beginning of their relationship. Greg and Katie met after she moved from Rhode Island to California after being introduced by mutual friends. When Greg first saw her, he knew. It only took him 6 months to muster the courage to ask her out and they promptly had their first date that evening. After talking for hours that first night Katie said she felt like she knew him forever. Shortly after their first date, and before they could have a second, Katie was admitted to the hospital with a rare allergic reaction where she stayed for 5 weeks, part of the time in a medically induced coma. Even though Greg barely knew her, he came to the hospital often and sat with her family, who he had never met, and helped them take their minds off of their unfortunate situation. I’m so glad Katie pulled through, especially because she had this amazing man waiting for her at the other end. 

Fast forward almost 6 years later to the day they vowed to be there for eachother forever, like they had already been since the beginning. The wedding took place at my favorite local venue, Bittersweet Farm. I loved that the whole day was a collaboration by the couple’s amazing family and friends. Greg’s father officiated the ceremony (and almost made it through without crying), Katie’s mom made the gorgeous centerpieces, Katie’s sister made the invitations (photos coming soon!), their friend Tiana arranged the bouquets with flowers from Katie’s mother’s garden (swoon!) and their friend Blythe did Katie’s amazing hair! Describing this day any further would be fruitless, everything else you need to know is in the photographs below. 

Greg and Katie, thank you thank you thank you, for letting me in, for trusting me, for being thoughtful, for writing me not one but two heartfelt reviews, for everything. I’m so glad you found me and more importantly found each other. 


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